Graham House

Years of Participation

Though it was known in the beginning as everyone’s favorite cocktail bar, food soon became a focus when Chef Graham House joined the Sovereign Remedies team in 2016. House connected his passion and inventiveness with Charlie and Sunil’s vision to create the culinary program that now makes Sovereign not only a standout place to imbibe, but also a highly sought after restaurant. A native of the wooded land between Asheville and Brevard, North Carolina, Graham is no stranger to the botanical bounty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After attending culinary school, House moved to Atlanta, where he worked his first job in a high-end restaurant, Pricci where he found himself constantly inspired by the chefs he worked with, but also reluctant to settle. This mindset sent him traveling to work for restaurants like Osteria Del Bouche in Lake Como, Italy; Redd in Yountville, and Prospect in San Francisco, California. While working in California, he deepened his interest in agriculture and developed relationships with foragers and farmers before eventually making a return to Atlanta to work for 4th and Swift as the Chef de Cuisine. While 4th and Swift was a place where he enjoyed more control of the menu, he found himself longing for the creative freedom that would allow him to further refine his vegetable-forward style. After 4th and Swift’s closing, Graham made his homecoming to Asheville to become the Executive Chef at Sovereign Remedies, where his commitment to working with local farmers and foragers continues to shape his style and constantly changing seasonal menu of local fare.