Gaetana Jacono


Years of Participation


Sicily’s beloved Valle dell’Acate has a long and storied history amongst the top
estates in Sicily, as the Jacono family can trace back their winemaking roots here to
the nineteenth century. The winery is located in the southeastern corner of Sicily, on
the beautiful Bidini Manor in the hills of the Dirillo Valley. The estate covers one
hundred hectares of land, both for grapevines as well as the region’s famous blood
Under the direction of the current head of the family winery, energetic and elegant
Gaetana Jacono (sixth generation), many of the vineyards have been replanted to
traditional grapes of Sicily and farmed organically. The estate produces one of the
finest examples of Cerasuolo di Vittoria, traditionally Sicily’s greatest wine. Other
celebrated wines from the estate include the gorgeous Frappato, Grillo “Zagra”,
and old vine Nero d’Avola bottlings – “Il Moro” and “Tane”. Year after year, Valle
dell’Acate wines continue to offer authentic expression of the history and character
of this land.