Gabrielle Watson

Years of Participation

Gabrielle grew up moving around the country in a USMC family starting in Chile to both coasts of the U.S. Her mom started her in the kitchen by second grade, paying her to make cookies for her older siblings every week. She moved to Columbia in1989 to study art at USC but got sucked into the newly emerging Vista in the early 90’s. Gabrielle developed her love for natural foods and plant based diets working with Benoit at Rosewood for a number of years until she opened a restaurant on Main Street in 1999, Cat & Cleaver with Kathy Von Der Hellen. After turning it over to Kathy in 2003, she worked in several restaurants and natural food retailers around Columbia. She has always enjoyed the education aspect of food teaching clients and staff about eating colorfully, locally and just playing with your food. Gabrielle joined F2T Productions earlier this year and she’s excited to be working with local farmers and their amazing products. She likes to cook, eat, create and hang out with her family and friends around the fire pit.