Erica Blumenthal & Nikki Huganir

Years of Participation

Yes Way Rosé was founded by Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir, two best friends in New York City who discovered a passion for the pink drink over many summer nights together. In 2013, while both working in the fashion world (Erica as a Styles section columnist for The New York Times and Nikki as a graphic designer at Madewell), they launched @yeswayrose on Instagram as a way to share how the wine was inspiring humor and happiness in their lives. A community of like-minded enthusiasts quickly followed and they evolved into a modern wine and lifestyle brand that represents a fun (and decidedly female) perspective with a mission of spreading positivité. They now have two French rosés, Yes Way Rosé and Yes Way Rosé Bubbles, introduced in 2018. Their first book, Yes Way Rosé: A Guide To The Pink Wine State of Mind, will be released in April 2019 by Running Press