Elaina Ruth

Chef Elaina Ruth
Elaina is the owner of 2 mobile businesses, Electric Foods and Eternal Juices, here in Charleston, SC. She teaches culinary courses right in your home that focus on proper food pairing. After spending the first 7 years of her career in fine dining, she has found her passion in nutrition. In the restaurant industry, it is too easy to fall on unhealthy habits. We can never forget that food and health go hand in hand and she is helping to remind us!

Chef Elaina was featured in Charlotte Magazine in 2019 as part of their survey of the women leading disciplines across the city. This particular dinner's theme was "Black Women in the Kitchen", our table discussion was centered around the controversies we face in kitchens that get over looked. This dinner was apart of The Soul Food Session series lead by Greg and Subrina Collier of Memphis, Tennessee. She is a part of another talented group of black chefs and bartenders in Charlotte for themed dinners lead by Charleston native, Shelton Starks and Jamie Barnes called Serving the Culture.