Drew McDonald

Years of Participation

Hailing from the metropolis of Centerville, Tennessee a career in food wasn't appearant until a part-time job in Nashville while going to college. Determining a life in a library as a pre-med student Drew realized food was more allowed for more freedom and more creativity. His part-time job at Park Cafe while attending Lipscomb University changed everything. A degree change to management and heading to Louisville, KY to attend Sullivan University for Culinary Arts paved a way in food. After a couple of years at Blackberry Farm, then to Huka Lodge in Taupo, New Zealand, and finishing at The Capitol Grille the time came to take a risk. Drew and his wife Bonni opened a little cafe in the Sequoyah Hills neighborhood just west of Downtown and the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. It is here they practice the "farmer, restaurant, mouth" philosophy focusing on the best of whats available in Knoxville from farmers, producers, and foragers.