Christian Hunter

Years of Participation

I was born in Kentucky. The middle of seven kids. I grew up around great cooks my mother especially. Fresh vegetables from my grandad garden and my mother's cooking prowess made me love food. My mother as a single parent showed me not only how to make humble ingredients shine, but also how to have a strong work ethic. 


Around the age of 11 I entered a scholarship program. Hoping that over a 3 year period if I worked hard in my studies, stayed out of trouble, and tested well i would earn the opportunity to attend private education. I took on that challenge in the hopes of easing my financial burden for my mother and the chance to broaden my horizons. After three long turbulent years I was able to attend Baylor School in Chattanooga, TN.


My four years in TN gave me the fundamental yearning of discovery. History, culture, science, math and the arts. But nothing grasped my full attention as much as food. I begin to cook in the dorms and on the weekends at my friends' houses testing out different flavors, spices from far away lands. My exposure to the world fueled my hunger for more food knowledge. By the end of my tenure at Baylor I knew I didn't want to continue on the traditional academic path. So without ever visiting or attending a single orientation I chose to attend Paul Smith's College located in the Adirondack Park in upstate NY. Where I learned the fundamental knowledge behind culinary, baking and hospitality. 


After graduating college I  work edin luxury boutique hotels within Relais Chateaux and that took me from upstate NY, NYC and RI. Gaining experience and working knowledge. After several years of fine dining and working my up the brigade I wanted to challenge myself again. So I moved to Charleston to continue cultivating my culinary identity.


After several years in the Lowcountry my food identity has become tied to the local products. Embracing all the bounty of Charleston and utilizing vegetable forward cuisine to display global flavors.