Chris Williams

Years of Participation

Chef Chris Williams, in honor of his late grandfather, Leroy Carter, founded Roy’s Grille in 2014. It has always been a “from scratch” kitchen. Learning from his mother and grandmother in his hometown of Olar, South Carolina, Chef Chris has honed in on his early culinary experiences to deliver a variety of home cooked deliciousness time and time again.
Growing up in a small rural town, meant limited access to pretty much everything, so his family took matters into their own hands by not only producing a lot of their own fruits and vegetables, but at times also raising their own livestock. He learned early on the importance of fresh ingredients, and how to use them. Whether it’s catering, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Chef Chris and his staff pride themselves on delivering fresh homecooked meals. Everything from the BBQ sauces, spice rubs, and on down to the bacon, is made in house. No corners are cut, and no expense is spared in the execution of the culinary artistry that goes on at Roy’s Grille.