Chi Walker

Years of Participation


Who says all soulmates have to be romantic? Friends can be soulmates too! That’s what we are, soulmates. Brought together by our passion for good food and fellowship. The right mix of quirky, all things rachet, and bourgeois. That’s us!
We actually went to high school together but didn’t know each other. Then one magical day Nik slid into Chi’s DM like “ I didn’t know you cooked!” That was it, that was all that it took. We’ve been inseparable ever since. We both have our own food businesses and passion projects built around Black excellence and help each other out here and there, but our chemistry is so strong and abundant. It was only right and in October 2018 Fried Chicken &
Caviar was born. At that time it was a small dinner party in a line of events leading up to The SpeakEasy Detroit Storyteller’s Edtion, which Nik had launched prior. Fried Chicken & Caviar is what happens when two creatives come together organically to explore and create both comforting and classy food experiences. Fried Chicken & Caviar is what happens when you’re a little weird, a little hood, and a little bougie. We are very much Fried Chicken & Caviar!