Frank Kline

Years of Participation


Chef/owner of Grace & Grit, Frank Kline has spent his life preparing for this role. Born and raised in Mt. Pleasant, Frank has a deep respect for the food, culture and history of his home. He spent years in restaurants throughout the area, working every position and learning every aspect of the business he could along the way, only pausing to attend the University of South Carolina and earn three business degrees. But his passion for food & hospitality called him back where he continued working under and alongside many talented chefs, managers and restaurateurs. From there he continued to learn while marrying skill and experience with his business background. But it was his last venture where he took over as both the Executive Chef and General Manager of Acme Lowcountry Kitchen on the Isle of Palms that Kline spent six years cultivating his own personal style of cooking and management. With his dream of owning his own restaurant realized with the opening of Grace & Grit, Kline has continued his focus on creative grit-focused dishes featuring fresh local seafood as well as his “chef-to-table” approach, putting a strong emphasis on the connections he is able to make with his guests by personally walking the dining room. It is his aim, through Grace & Grit, to personify his home and true southern hospitality through everything from the food, to the service, to the surroundings in order to create an authentic dining experience for his guests.