Charlotte Caldwell

Years of Participation

An author and photographer with a keen interest in people, Charlotte uses her photography as a springboard for storytelling. Her fifth book, The Faces of Local Food: Celebrating the People Who Feed Us, debuts at the Charleston Wine + Food Festival and provides an intimate glimpse into the lives of the people who contribute to a vibrant local food system. Step into the world of fishermen, farmers, and ranchers - joining them on their boats and in their fields; into the kitchens of innovative chefs; into the warehouse of a local food hub manager; and meet with other meaningful contributors and visionaries to hear their stories—their motivations, experiences, challenges, and insights.

Through The Faces of Local Food our perceptions about our daily food choices are reframed and we are inspired to become more mindful consumers and purchase locally produced-sustainably grown food.

A native of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, Charlotte is a graduate of Middlebury College and holds Master’s degrees in environmental studies and education, both of which continue to inform her perspectives about the world, the environment and ways to share those insights with others. Charlotte and her husband, Jeffrey Schutz, divide their time between their home in historic Charleston, South Carolina and their ranch in Montana.