Caitlyn Mayer

Years of Participation

Caitlyn is co-owner of Charleston Oyster Farm, and along with helping on the farm, she manages marketing, sales, business, and social media and is an adjunct Geology Professor at the College of Charleston. Originally from Atlanta, GA, Caitlyn grew up visiting her family in Charleston for the holidays, where she began eating oysters (also maybe pluff mud) before she could even walk. It was this love for the lowcountry that culminated her passion for food, nature, and science. Caitlyn studied Geology and Environmental Geosciences for her bachelors (where she met Peter and eventually married him), and Environmental Studies (specifically water quality) for her Masters. While obtaining her degrees she worked at several restaurants around Charleston, and became passionate about sustainable local food and flavor. As an environmental geologist, Caitlyn was determined to find a career that could combine her passion for food and the environment, while giving back to the world, and so when the twins asked for help, she decided it would be shellfish not to.