Bruno Almeida

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Bruno Almeida
Former Wine Director & Sommelier at Tocqueville, NYC
CMS Certified Sommelier & Wine & Spirits EducatorBruno Almeida is a Court of Master Sommelier Certified Sommelier. Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, landed in NYC by 2002 and have been working in the hospitality scene ever since. A rock drummer for most of his life, kickstarted his career in the industry by rocking the dish pit, as being a musician, unfortunately won’t pay bills.
Having worked at legendary restaurants such as Dirty French, Gusto Ristorante, Pao, Pintxos, Inoteca, Corsino, Balaboosta and Locanda Verde. Started his Sommelier journey more seriously around 2008, making it official by 2010. Till the Pandemic, was the Wine Director and Sommelier at iconic Tocqueville restaurant.A passionate NYC Sommelier sharing his wine knowledge and for his serious Portuguese wine advocacy. Has been active in the NYC Sommelier community, collaborating in various events and lecturing in many different seminars as a Wine & Spirits Educator for many long years. Deep lover of French, Italian, Spanish and Georgian wines too, as all helped him understand the whole picture about all things wine.
Has collaborated as a Wine Judge/Educator for the Portuguese Wine Magazine Revista dos Vinhos/Essencia do Vinho, Wines of Portugal, Loire Valley and various events in Portugal. Leading Masterclasses in NYC for several Portuguese Wine regions, like the Vinho Verde (CVRVV) and Dao, from the Douro Valley (IVDP) to the Madeira (IVBAM) Wine regions, and for the Georgian Wines with the Georgian Wine Association.Since the early stage of the Pandemic, performs several Instagram virtual Wine Tastings. Live Wine Talks and Interviews with diverse winemakers, producers and wine professionals from across the planet. A Sommation-Live Contributor and a short piece Wine Writer. Focused on Wine Education about all Wine regions of the world, despite his strong roots to Portugal driving his passionate education. Strongly believes a long table with yummy food and delicious wine, helps to express diversity and that should be shared for all. What a great feeling to know at this point, he reaches lots of different people all over the globe, about an interesting Syrah made in Morocco or a refreshing Portuguese red sparkling, and how stellar white Bordeaux or Finger Lakes Riesling nicely are.