Bradley Grozis

Years of Participation

2009-2020, 2023

Chef Bradley Grozis has been involved in culinary arts for more than half of his life. He attended the culinary school of Kendall College in Chicago and started out working in a French Bistro, Le Bouchon. After graduation in 1996, he moved to Vail, Colorado, and began his culinary career working on top of Vail Mountain at a private restaurant called The Game Creek Club. After his first child was born, he and his family moved to Charleston. As part of the opening management team at Wild Olive, Chef Grozis has brought a high level of creativity and consistency to the kitchen as the Executive Chef. Bradley has shared his talents in the food and beverage industry for nearly 30 years. He has an honest passion for his work and is very dedicated to sourcing as many local ingredients as possible.
Bradley's favorite part of being a chef is the artistic aspect of it. The kitchen serves as his canvas where he can express himself creatively through his culinary masterpieces, which bring soul and life to each and every one of his dishes. He also uses the kitchen as his stage to pursue his unrealistic rap and singing career while performing in the kitchen. However, his line cooks may not be entirely appreciative of it but it does create a fun environment behind the scenes.