Birk O’Halloran

Years of Participation

Birk O’Halloran founded Iconic Wine with a focus on producing world class California chardonnay. Since the first release in 2010, the wines have been very limited, but have found their way to some of New York, California and South Carolina’s top restaurants including Eleven Madison Park, Husk, 167 Raw, Prohibition, Scarecrow and Ink & Ivy. The top wines remain very limited, with as little as 50 cases of the top cuvee produced per vintage.

In fall of 2015, Iconic expanded production. Inspired by the everyday wines Birk fell in love with that got him into wine in the first place, The new “SK” series is the result of aiming to produce very high quality wines at an under $20 a bottle price.

A continuing entrepreneur in the wine industry, O’Halloran has also opened three fine wine shops, is the published author of “Eat Ink”, a photo essay and cookbook that explored the tattoo culture in the professional chef industry, and in 2017 founded Pour Management, an international winemaker talent and marketing agency where he advises and invests in new winemaking talent the world over.