Isabella Macbeth Cain

Years of Participation

Isabella “Gator” Macbeth is the lead Shucker at Rappahannock Oyster Bar Charleston, SC.  Isabella has shucked professionally for 3 years. When Isabella was 5 years old she started eating oysters regularly and they quickly became her favorite food. Isabella has always been passionate about history, wildlife conservation, food and travel. After finishing college, she found a temp job at a raw bar until moving into a career in her field of study. While working in her career she missed the amazing daily
experiences with traveler and locals at the raw bar where she once works. She missed how being able to combine in one way or another all her passions into giving people the best experience they could have at her raw bar. Isabella came back to shucking after years of being away to reconnect with herself and her passions. Isabella decided if she was going to make this her new career she needed to start pushing herself. Isabella began shucking in competitions against the best the country had to offer. In her first 4 competitions, she has managed to take two state titles, a 3 rd place regional finish and 7 th overall finish at the national championship. Isabella spends most of her days trying to figure out how to shuck across the country in 12 competitions a year and learning everything she can about oysters to give her that edge.