Aurelien Fiardet

Years of Participation

I was born and grew up in Besancon near the Jura wine region in the east side of France. I studied winemaking and marketing and did several harvests in Beaujolais before starting to work for TERROIRS ORIGINELS in 2008. I fell in love with the Beaujolais region, and his people for their humility and sense of hospitality. They always accommodate and feed grapes pickers during harvest, it is a tradition in Beaujolais, to live and work with the family, sometimes with three or four generations living under the same roof. In 2012, with my American wife Kellee, we decided to move to Portland, Oregon on the west coast. Since then, I became the US Brand Ambassador of Terroirs Originels in the US. Sharing my life between Beaujolais and Oregon, where the Gamay varietal is giving its best. I worked several harvest in Portland, OR with some Gamay producers also.