Arielle Stratton

Pure Fluff began in 2014 as a cute side project to Arielle's wedding planning company. As aesthetically pleasing shots of cotton candy began to find a trending foothold all over the world via social media, Pure Fluff found immediate traction and took over her life! Pure Fluff gained initial popularity live spinning Creatively Clean Cotton Candy (Certified Vegan / All Natural / No Dyes-Nuts-Gluten) at the local Farmer's Markets and catering events/festivals all over the South East. They debuted their OG packaged line of Fluff at the 2016 Charleston Wine & Food Festival and now it is carried in stores nationwide and various online retailers. In 2018 Arielle tapped on another of her passions by launching the business into the Cannabis Industry; creating five Full Spectrum CBD Oil infused products including Creatively Clean Cotton Candy with Hemp, Cotton Candy CBD Tinctures, and Full Spectrum Sugar all of which are available on With large scale distribution & world domination in mind Pure Fluff presented their products on a national stage at the 2019 Natural Products Expo in Baltimore, MD and were the talk of the show.

This #FLUFFLOVER is also an avid traveler, work-out trend enthusiast, kitten foster mom, and craft beer fan. So when she isn’t completely consumed by her small business hustle she is super busy ‘living the life’! So far on the 2020 docket is Mexico, Canada, Alaska, & England - all of which she will be sure to Fluff UP with her usual extra suitcase of cotton candy! Watch out for the Fluff Wagon Arielle drives around town- it's hard to miss that holographic gem of a van. <3