Arielle Stratton

Years of Participation

Pure Fluff the Creatively Clean Cotton Candy Company exploded on to the Lowcountry market & event scene in 2014 with their modern mini food carts live spinning handmade all-natural, dye-free, & vegan fluff for the masses. As one of the first in the US to jump on the gourmet cotton candy trend Pure Fluff’s packaged line, which debuted at the 2016 Charleston Wine & Food Festival was a huge hit and was carried in stores coast-to-coast. Tapping into another popular industry Pure Fluff launched into the Cannabis World in 2018 with their invention of CBD Infused Creatively Clean Cotton Candy and related CBD infused products.

Due to Covid’s devastating effect on the event industry, Pure Fluff made their pandemic pivot to strictly online sales of their packaged products, which was received extremely well locally and shipped nationwide. Before a proper bounce back could be had Arielle Stratton the owner of Pure Fluff was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in August 2020 and has been in active treatment since then. While Arielle is focused on taking control of this major life-change, she is also working to revive Pure Fluff to it's pre-covid glory by relauching public events this spring. During this time, she is actively looking for someone to take the reigns as a new owner, so she can focus on her health while allowing her passion project to continue to thrive. If interested please contact:

Arielle Stratton the OG #Flufflover is more than just her cancer or her company. Arielle finds joy in the colorful and quirky bits of life. She loves discovering new places & foods, making mindful memories with family & friends, planning big & small adventures, and finding meaningful ways to give back to her community and support system. She currently spends her days devouring library books, fostering neonatal kittens for the Charleston Animal Society, bonding with her sewing machine, and traveling as often as possible. But her absolute favorite thing to do is making a cuddle puddle with her three cats and life partner Rich Yessian in their downtown Charleston rooftop home.