Analisa LaPietra

Years of Participation

Analisa LaPietra has been working in the culinary field for a decade. Originally headed to graduate school, the Boston native had just graduated from Penn State University with degrees in Anthropology and Psychology when she took a job at a restaurant. As they say: the fix was in. LaPietra jumped into an accelerated program at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. After graduating, she worked at Primo, a seasonal farm-to-table restaurant in Maine. Faced with just an 8-month growing season, she really developed creatively by working closely with Executive Chef Melissa Kelly, the first two-time winner of the same James Beard award. During the winters she traveled to the Virgin Islands to work in a popular kitchen there. After three years moving back and forth, LaPietra was ready to settle in one place and accepted Executive Chef Greg Garrison’s offer to work as sous chef at Prohibition Charleston. Three years later, she’s staying put.