Amalia Scatena

Years of Participation

Executive Chef Amalia Scatena’s reverence for fresh flavor and exceptional ingredients comes through in every plate at Cannon Green and its sister kitchens. As director of the culinary program for Easton Porter Group, Amalia creates unique dining experiences at Cannon Green as well as Zero Restaurant and Bar in Charleston and Red Pump Kitchen and Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards in Charlottesville. Her inspired menus and dishes reflect the bounty of local farms and her own love of classic Mediterranean cuisine. Raised in San Francisco among a kitchen-centric Italian family, her passion for food was fueled equally by her parents and by the great Bay Area chefs, especially Alice Waters and Hubert Keller. She is an honors graduate of the Advanced Culinary Arts Professional Program from the Culinary Institute of Florence, and has worked at Barboursville Vineyard’s Palladio restaurant and Keswick Hall in Virginia before coming to Easton Porter Group, where she served as executive chef of Pippin Hill prior to Cannon Green.