Alessandro Pasqua

Years of Participation

Alessandro is a third generation member of the Pasqua family. The Pasqua family founded Pasqua winery in 1925 in Verona, in the heart of Veneto: a countryside city between the stunning Venice and the Garda Lake. Verona is a Roman Empire-founded city and the “capital” of Valpolicella, one of the most dedicated Italian wine regions.

Pasqua is one of the historical wineries in Verona, and still, it is completely family owned. With his father Umberto (President) and his brother Riccardo (Ceo), Alessandro represents the new management of the winery. Alessandro first joined the winery in 2014, and in 2016 assumed the role of vice president, North America, overseeing the business in the United States and Canada. North America is one of the Pasqua brand’s fastest-growing market.