Alessandra Tessari

Years of Participation

For generations the life of the Tessari family has been dedicated to the cultivation of the vine in the Soave area, one of the the oldest white wine production areas in Italy. Since 1800 the family has owned vineyards at the very heart of the “Soave Classico” region. This is a restricted zone with special soil, climatic and morphological conditions centered around the small village of Fittà.

In 1982 Giovanni Tessari and his wife Rosetta, aware of their land’s great potential for producing high-quality wines, founded the winery Suavia: they decided to stop taking their grapes to the local cooperative winery in order to produce their own wine. Alessandra Tessari, the youngest of the four daughters of Giovanni and Rosetta, joined the family winery in 2010 after achieving her degree in Chinese Studies.

Today she runs the winery together with her two sisters Meri and Valentina. They spare no effort in producing wines that express the best of the Soave denomination staying faithful to their land’s tradition and to the indigenous grape varieties of Soave: Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave.