Akino West


Years of Participation


Akino West, a 31-year old restaurateur from South Florida is a celebrated chef who is revolutionizing the culinary industry in Miami through his restaurant, Rosie’s. After receiving a full scholarship, a degree in Hospitality Management, and working in Miami’s best kitchens, he traveled to Copenhagen. There, he gained new experience at NOMA, where he had the opportunity to master his craft under some of the world’s most respected culinarians. In 2018, he opened The Copper Door B&B, a concept that put Overtown, Miami, a historically black neighborhood on the map and perceived in a new light. Rosie’s was developed through the 2020 pandemic and has created a path to develop an interpretation of food culture through work with World Central Kitchen and features in The New York Times & Vogue.com.

Akino co-owns and operates Rosie's, located in Little River, a Southern-American restaurant offering feel-good soul food brunch with subtle Italian nuances and classic techniques.