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In celebration of Black History Month, we’re honoring the unique stories + experiences of the people who make up the many layers of our community. Pamela Grant is a 2023 Charleston Wine + Food Brand Ambassador and brand strategist + founder of socialPRNT. She was recently recognized as one of BlkWomenHustle’s 20 Black Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023.

Who taught you to cook and how do you honor them?

“Losing my mother at such a young age, I used to envy seeing other girls being taught life skills by their mothers. Luckily, I had several aunts who were like mothers to me. My aunt Libby raised me during my high school years and I have her to thank when it comes to my ability to cook. My aunt Libby was never one to really like for others to be in her kitchen while she did her thing. I remember her shoo-ing me out many times when I would try to watch and learn. But, you can’t send a girl out into the real world without knowing how to feed herself. Anyone who knows my aunt Libby knows that she can throw down in the kitchen! She’s the auntie that everyone would ask ‘is she cooking today?’ so that they could come and get a plate. So to be taught by her is pretty much an honor. When I started growing my own family, I was passed down many of my aunt’s recipes that she got from her mother (my grandmama Lucille). To this day I still use those recipes during special family dinners as a way of honoring not only my aunt but also my grandmama. I love calling my aunt while I’m cooking and saying ‘I’m making (insert one of her many dishes) for the family tonight.’ It’s my way of saying ‘I’m thinking of and appreciate you.’”

How has food influenced you as a person?

“Food has always brought me a sense of happiness. I find it to be an instant mood booster. I love cooking for my friends and family. I would say that food has influenced my sense of community and gathering amongst loved ones. At the end of the day, everyone loves to eat a good meal.”

What legacy do you want to leave?

“When it comes to legacy, I think of my children and their future. I want these recipes to be handed down from one generation to the next. My hopes of passing these recipes along to my children is that they will keep a bit of the family tradition going when it comes to holiday/Sunday dinners and the dishes they serve their future families. It warms my heart when my family expresses their joy after simply smelling the aroma of me cooking recipes that were passed down to me. I would love for my children to feel that same joy one day.”

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