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Meet our first of four 2017 cocktail competition finalists, Anthony Kearse!  Anthony is the resident bartender at Feathertop in downtown Charleston, but is sure ready to bring some Louisiana flair to the Lowcountry and spice up the competition!  We sat down with Anthony to get the 411 on his background + his cocktail. Without further ado:

Q: Where’s your hometown and where do you currently bartend?

A: I was born in Louisiana, but am an Army Brat and spent the last 20 years off and on in Columbia, SC.  Bartender at Feathertop.

Q: What is the name of the cocktail you entered in the competition?

A: Havana Turkey Shoot in the Holy City.

Q: Best bar for drinks with friends?

A: The Whig (Columbia, SC)

Q: Favorite drink to make?

A: Dealer’s Choice.

Q: Best part about being a bartender in Downtown Charleston?

A: Meeting other bartenders and people since moving to Charleston.

Q: Best-kept bartending secret?

A: I have a lab at home with over 400 bottles!

Q: Anything you want to say about your three competitors?

A: Live, learn, and have fun!

BONUS Question: Your spirit cocktail?

A: Gin & Tonic!

Join us Wednesday, December 7th for our Rum Rum Rudolph Cocktail Crawl to meet all four finalists as they present their one-of-a-kind, rum-centric cocktails. No tickets needed! Information can be found here

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