Sweet Belgium was created in November 2015. It took almost a year to set up the company, search for the perfect partners, find its location on James Island, Charleston SC, and finally deal with all the paper works of the US immigration to be able to make this American dream come true.  The Take Out, officially opened 26 December 2016, serves every day from 8:30 to 3:30 coffee and freshly-baked Belgian waffles, among which “The Liege waffle”, most famous waffle in Belgium. A thick and sweet waffle, made with sugar pearl. They are chewy on the inside and a little bit crusty and caramelized on the outside.  You can eat them either plain, or with powdered sugar, cinnamon, whipped cream, caramel, walnuts or even taste one of their home-made glazed special flavors: almonds, coconut, Belgian dark and white chocolate, lime and orange, …  The ingredients used in the waffles are shipped from Belgium.  The owner, Sergio Tosi, worked as General Manager for one of the most famous event company in Belgium specialized in food and cooking events, called “Mmmmh” (www.mmmmh.be).  During this past experience, he had the opportunity to work, for more than 10 years, with Carlo de Pascale, a renown Belgian chef who broadcast everyday on Belgian TV and Radio.  “Belgium bestsellers are beers, chocolate, comics and of course waffles! Charleston did not have Belgian waffles in its food portfolio yet… that is the reason we decided to bring this authentic product all the way here. Also… I love waffles!” quoted Sergio Tosi.

His wife and him, both being born and raised in Belgium, took the risk to leave everything they had behind them. They quit their jobs, him being a General Manager, and her being a Marketing accountant for the biggest French-speaking Newspaper in Belgium. They left their house and all their family and friends behind, to try the “American dream” and live a ‘decent’ life close to the beach where their kids could be raised in a sunny and nice atmosphere with a better economical perspective.
“Charleston was an obvious choice… My wife and I wanted a complete change of scenery! Along with our two kids, 2 and 4, and with our little dog, we decided to move to the coast, also closer to some members of my family who live in Greenville SC, but still close to Belgium (if you are ready to cross the ocean), because our country will always be in our heart.”, quoted Sergio Tosi.
But the main reason of this choice was because of the food and event scene here in Charleston. Apart from its Take Out on James Island, Sweet Belgium works as a catering and an event company.  They offer a desert bar with a chocolate fountain, all sorts of toppings and sprinkles that are perfect for a party, a birthday and especially for a wedding. Based on the owner’s experience in the event industry and thanks to this authentic and exotic treat, they are convinced that their service can bring a nice alternative to the usual cupcakes or wedding cake. Hopefully, hipsters will love them!