Michael Casciello

Years of Participation

Meet the founder of Food Fire + Knives, Chef Michael Casciello. Originally from Philadelphia, PA Michael brought his love for food south in 2016. He studied at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. After graduating he took the traditional chef route of working in every kitchen station from salad to Sous Chef to Head Chef at a variety of places- including everything from four-star restaurants, a brewery and some holes-in-a-wall with great food.

During his time in restaurants, there were two major issues in the industry that became evident to Chef Michael. First, people need (and mostly want) to be able to feed themselves and their families on a daily basis in a timely manner - which means, eating at restaurants on a regular basis is out of the question. Second, the “chef life” of studying for 4 years at a fancy and expensive culinary school, barely making enough money for rent, let alone to pay back those student loans, is not a sustainable lifestyle. It was the result of these two findings that the Food Fire + Knives brand was born.

Food Fire + Knives prides itself on offering chefs an additional creative outlet that also provides them with supplemental income. For the past 3 years, Food Fire + Knives has been serving up fresh, local and delicious fare through their private dinners and interactive cooking classes in the Charleston, SC area.