Alex Ojeda

Years of Participation


Originally born in Guanajuato, Mexico, Alex was raised on Johns Island, South Carolina. Receiving no formal culinary education, Alex learned everything he knows about food through hands-on training, lots of reading, and trial and error. It was working in a kitchen at 15 that sparked his passion for the culinary arts, and he has stuck with it ever since. Growing up, Alex says his time spent on a farm with his father piqued his interest and curiosity for how one seemingly simple ingredient could be completely transformed on a plate.

In 2013, Alex was drawn to the opportunities Kiawah had to offer him as a learning chef (along with the incredible scenery, of course!) and he started working at Jasmine Porch. Since then, Alex has gained as much experience in 9 years as possible, working every job available, from a steward to Sous Chef.

Today, Alex is working as hard as ever at The Ocean Course. Not only does he exemplify the value of perseverance, but he brings his A game every single day, ready to get to work and perfect each dish.