Warehouse Assistant

Position Title: 2020 Warehouse Assistant 

Dates of Contract: February 3, 2020 – March 14, 2020

Reports to: Warehouse Lead

Role Overview: This role is primarily designed, but not limited to ensuring Warehouse logistics + Partner needs are clearly planned, scheduled, and organized before, during, and post-festival. This person will work closely with and report to the Warehouse Lead to ensure all Partner and beverage related needs are met, as well as the Development Department to ensure all Partner related needs are met and are held to the Charleston Wine + Food standard. 300 total estimated hours


Assist Warehouse Lead in all tasks – stay in touch via phone with, and regularly check in with one another throughout the day

Act as one of the primary CHSWFF representatives at the warehouse, receiving + tracking all incoming Partner and beverage related products

Check-in with Development + Talent Departments and play an intermediary role with communication + planning

Prepare + organize warehouse systematically to properly receive all types of deliveries and ensure festival week runs as smooth as possible

Oversee and manage all related Google Doc spreadsheets, ensuring they are accurate and properly used

Adhering to and ensuring labeling system is properly used + executed, utilizing the master Google Docs

Maintain an empty and fully gassed car in order to quickly complete any tasks

Manage hard copies of all ABL permits (copies for Charleston Wine + Food staff, Spike truck, etc)

February 3 – March 3 (time spent at Warehouse)

Assist in setup of warehouse with all necessary equipment to ensure proper working environment (February 3)

Support in scheduling and receiving Partner product deliveries 

Act as a primary CHSWFF representative at warehouse, receiving + tracking all incoming Partner product, and continue to work with team to schedule all festival Partner deliveries

Ensuring beverage + Partner product is received + labeled correctly in master Google Docs, and is properly stored/organized

Oversee + execute glassware and water delivery and dissemination

Absorbing any last-minute changes from all event leads

March 4 – March 8 (festival dates; time spent at Warehouse and performing job as needed)

Ensure all beverage and Partner product is received, organized, and labeled systematically 

Maintain an inventory log of all returned product

Ensure copies of ABL permits/layouts are on all primary staff and drivers at all times

Assist Spike in any “go-backs” or added tasks as needed, utilizing volunteers when possible

Assist Spike each night in preparing for the following day – assist in truck check-in process and standby for any requests to ensure Spike has proper records

March 9 – March 13 (post-festival week; time spent at Warehouse and performing job as needed)

​​Assist in clean-up of warehouse, complete with Spike’s signoff 

Assist in any procedures put into place regarding leftover product

Manage and provide  an inventory log of all returned product using master Google Docs 

Execute any return shipping/delivery needs and pickups post-festival of any remaining beverage and Partner product

Assist in any follow up conversations with CHSWFF staff

Attend post-festival meeting w/ Spike and CHSWFF to establish best practices, learnings, etc.


Acts as a brand representative of Charleston Wine + Food and portrays our values of people first, community, diversity and good stewardship

Recognizes and uses our higher purpose as a guide in every decision made on behalf of the festival: to be a catalyst for connections that inspire curiosity through thoughtful storytelling and meaningful experiences with a sense of place


Proficient in G Suite

Experience with Event/Project Management Software

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with shifting deadlines

Must provide own laptop and mobile device that is able to run cloud-based software

Strong ability to work strategically and efficiently

Ability to multitask and work in a team setting

Well-organized, strong communicator, and passionate about building + maintaining community connections

Curiosity and willingness to learn

Experience in the food + beverage industry, or comparable experience required 

Maintain an empty and fully gassed car in order to quickly complete any tasks