Wyatt Dickson

Years of Participation

Wyatt Dickson is the “Barbecue Man” behind Picnic, a whole hog barbecue joint opened in 2016 with heritage pig farmer Ryan Butler and acclaimed chef Ben Adams. A native of Fayetteville, NC, Dickson considers himself an ambassador for North Carolina’s whole hog barbecue tradition, with a passion for the old ways of oak-smoking and hand-pulling that is matched with a dedication to sustainable hog farming.

Reverence for Dickson’s whole hog barbecue is certain. John Shelton Reed awarded it “True ‘Cue” status, Garden & Gun heralded it as “Pen-to- Plate,” and Southern Living praised it as “Next Generation ‘Cue.” Picnic has been featured in National Geographic, Time Magazine, and Bon Appetit, among many others.