Vik Patel

Years of Participation

Located in Charleston SC, Dhaba 13 is a passion. A passion to make my favorite dishes yours and accessible to everyone that dares enjoy the flavors of India!

Friends often ask me when I started cooking and my usual response is “About five years ago”. In reality, it was in in 1989, when I started University. I had no choice but to pick up a pan and start experimenting with an array of herbs and spices which make up Indian food.

It’s been a passion for years and only recently I have realized my calling. Driven not only by my own desires but also encouragement from my family, friends, and colleagues from all over the world, I want to share some of my most creative dishes with everyone who enjoys food which oozes with flavor.

For the past 15 years, I have spent much of my time overseas managing a global sales team, stoking my desire to hone in on my culinary skills. Self-taught driven and eager to share the true flavors of India with the freshest of ingredients.