Ashley Parker + Tim Snider

Years of Participation

A chance meeting in Sydney, Australia while on a viticultural trip in 1999 led to an enduring marriage and work partnership for Tim Snider and Ashley Parker Snider. Truth be told the initial connection probably had less to do with wine and more to do with having been Californians who ventured to the northeast for college (Williams for Tim and Bates College for Ashley) but nonetheless, a partnership was born.

Over the last 30 years Ashley has worked with her father, Fess Parker, her brother, Eli and now her husband, Tim, and is proud of all the family owned and operated winery has accomplished since it’s first vintage release in 1989. The family ranch, 719 acres in Los Olivos, is home to, not only the estate vineyards, but a fully sustainable ranch and farming operation that works in tandem with the family’s other hospitality - ventures: Inn and Spa, restaurant and brewery, all family operated as well.

Tim’s extensive sales, management and marketing background with the Gallo family of wines gives him the breadth and depth of experience needed in his position as President of the Fess Parker Winery, a role he assumed in 2010.