Thomas Meunier

Native of the Loire Valley, Thomas Meunier grew up in a family of hedonists who gave him the passion for true wines made by farmers.

It was in 2003 that he entered the wine world and became assistant to winemaker Frederic Mabileau in Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil. During these 6 years he worked in every stage of the life of a winery, harvesting 6 seasons in a row, spending long nights in the cellar making wine and most of all being part of the transition of this estate to organic viticulture.

This unique experience shaped his perspective to wine and brought him this strong belief that only organic farmers can express the sense of place.

In 2009, following his American wife, he moved to her state of North Carolina and decided to start his own import company bringing wines from his fellow winegrowers in all the regions of France that he crossed during his French winemaker experience.

His portfolio is now made of more than 35 estates, 3/4 of them being certified organic or biodynamic, but all of them at least farming organically.

He chose “Authentique” has the name of his company because this word sums up his conception of wine and life. Authentic wines, made by authentic people…

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