Christian Jackson

Years of Participation

Our mission at Holy City Hogs is to provide ultra premium quality pork for Americas top chefs, restaurants, and discerning individuals. We specialize in raising Ossabaw Island pigs and American Mulefoot hogs along with many other heritage breeds helping to ensure these wonderful ingredients will be on tables for generations to come.

Holy City Hogs uses only the best genetics for our breeding hogs. The next most important factors are feed, husbandry, and slaughter. We feed a mix of local grains and culled seasonal fruits and veggies as well as the forage in their natural habitats. We treat all our animals as individuals as they are named and interacted daily by our team. Happy animals taste better!! They are all allowed to run and frolic freely with other animals in wide open multi-acre expanses. And finally when the time comes we use a certified humane USDA slaughter house. From start to finish we respect our animals and partner with chefs for whole animal utilization.

We added heritage breed chickens (Fords Freebirds) in with the pigs and they coexist wonderfully. The eggs are second to none with orangish & dark yellow yolks.
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