Spiritually Yours

Years of Participation

Spiritually Yours is renowned for their singing of the music of the Lowcountry. SY consists of 6 beautiful women who range from the highest of sopranos to the lowest in baritone. Together the group has been singing Gospel, Country, R & B, Beach and Spirituals for over 8 years and have performed in various weddings and other special events. This multi-talented group is versatile in all forms of music and also performs as members of the Charleston Gospel Choir & Spiritual Ensemble as well as Lowcountry Voices. As members of these additional organizations they have sung everything from Mozart to Kirk Franklin. The group performs locally, regionally and nationally. Internationally, they have performed in Prague, Italy, France, England, Austria, Germany and Africa. They have also produced music scores for selections requested for specific events. Known not just for their singing ability, members of SY have appeared on Television, documentaries, stage plays and stage productions. In addition some are directors and musicians in their respective church choirs. Together this group boasts over 100 years of experience singing not only for the joy of the Lord but for the joy, entertainment and appreciation of others.