Sarah McNair

Years of Participation

Sarah believes in feeling good - in health, movement and mind. Having been involved in sports her whole life, she really turned to group fitness in college when she was left to stay in shape without the guide of a team. She studied psychology, went culinary school, graduated from Clemson University and moved to Charleston to get closer to the ocean without a real "plan". As a criminal defense paralegal, she had little time for working out. She was seeking something efficient, effective, with potential for longevity. She walked into her first Pure Barre class in 2012 and hasn't left. She was impressed with the low-impact but incredibly intense method of the technique. She went from an instructor, to quickly being recruited as a Master Teacher Trainer for the Pure Barre franchise. Working closely with so many instructors and owners excited Sarah to own a studio of her own someday. That day came in 2017 she purchased 2 studios in Charleston. Pure Barre changed the trajectory of her life. Her corporate experience as a trainer made her a disciple of the technique, anatomy and alignment. The method uses strength work, mobility work, postural focus and increased flexibility all in 50 minutes. Body movement is empowering. In Pure Barre you push beyond the space you feel comfort, through this vulnerability you literally transform your body from the inside-out. All of this with a supportive, upbeat community, determined to help you accomplish your goals. Helping other people achieve their goals feels good. Pure Barre feels good. This is why I do what I do.