Sarah Frick

Years of Participation

Sarah Frick is a pioneer of boutique fitness in Charleston, South Carolina who opened and co-owned two successful yoga studios and has over 15 years of experience in teaching both vinyasa flow and several other forms of energetic movement. Sarah’s love for a strong physical practice along with her need to go below the surface in search of real and raw emotional connection and release led to her creation of her signature class The Works. Sarah’s Works method of teaching quickly grew a following in Charleston and evolved into pop-up classes, a Southeastern tour, a pop-up location, international retreats and its flagship studio, The Works a Sweat Studio by Sarah Frick, which opened in downtown Charleston May 2019.

It’s real. It’s raw. It’s strong. It’s life-shifting. Just like Sarah. No stranger to life’s fires, it’s from that place of brokenness, and healing, and strength that The Works method was born. From classes like The Sweat to The Deep, The Works offers everything from HIIT to yoga-flow based practices to deep stretch classes—something from every body and every level of fitness experience.

It’s hard work and it’s also heart work. Sarah believes that by moving out the stagnant energy that holds us back we can share ourselves wholly and live from a place of truth.

Outside of jump squats and sweaty sun salutations, Sarah is a mama to three beautiful earth babies and one sweet angel in heaven and wife to her badass husband. She also loves a good Beyoncé jam with a side of tequila. Because balance.