Samantha Blagg

Years of Participation

Samantha Blagg was born in Ft. Hood, TX, into a military family. As an Army brat, she spent her early childhood all over the world, experiencing diverse cultures and cuisines. But her mom’s home-cooked meals were the true inspiration for her affinity for food and service to others.

Prior to attending New England Culinary Institute (NECI), Blagg worked on livestock & produce farms throughout her youth in Virginia. Her experience in the fields not only shaped her work ethic, but sparked a culinary passion that led her down the path to NECI. While attending NECI, Blagg had the opportunity to intern at Magnolias in Charleston, SC in 2015, a place which she has called home ever since.

In 2019, Blagg’s determination and work ethic awarded her a promotion to chef de cuisine at age 22. She attributes her success as a chef to the leadership and support of mentor Kelly Franz.

When not working, Blagg enjoys spending time outdoors and fishing or traveling to see family and friends.