Russ Moore


Years of Participation


As executive chef at Slightly North of Broad, Russ Moore wears many hats, including management of an esteemed culinary team, cultivating talent, and spearheading the menu development that continues to delight patrons since the restaurant’s opening in 1993. Moore speaks of these responsibilities with equal enthusiasm. “A lot of what we do at Slightly North of Broad is cultivating young talent. I like to hire culinary students because they are dedicated, and they have made the decision that they want to do this for a career. Being part of their culinary development is incredibly rewarding.” Then there’s the cooking, something Moore has been doing since high school. “The Slightly North of Broad kitchen is a special place. To be able to serve products that often just came in the back door from someone you consider a friend is priceless. Having that opportunity makes you strive to be a better cook everyday.” Within its classic “bistro” concept, Slightly North of Broad offers abundant choices - perennial favorites complemented by daily, seasonal specials. By offering that combination, Moore feels Slightly North of Broad brings diners a unique experience. “We want people to feel they can come here every day, any day, and enjoy what we’re doing.” A graduate of Johnson and Wales University Charleston, he was named Slightly North of Broad’s chef de cuisine in 2008 and then chef in 2013. Moore is an active mentor at the Culinary Institute of Charleston. He serves as a judge with the National Restaurant Association’s Pro Start program and actively involves himself with local professional organizations. When Moore is not working in the kitchen, you will find him spending time with his son Whit and wife Kathy, whom he met at Slightly North of Broad.