Ronald Glover

Years of Participation


Cheers! I'm Ron Glover II, you can call me #TheRebelliousGentleman. I'm just a well dressed, southern gentleman with a passion for knowledge and flair for mixing cocktails. With over 20 years in the industry, from meager beginnings in corporate restaurants in the late 90's -early 2000's to my current speakeasy (Jones:the lounge) nestled above Renee Moore Beauty Bar. With several states and a few continents under my belt, The cocktail catering company I built delivers more than just drinks. I pride myself on providing exemplary customer service and client relations as well as decadent and delicious beverages with and without spirits. My Southern upbringing is ever present in the concoctions that create. My love for warm weather and fresh fruits shine through effortlessly with every sip. Like myself, I don't want my cocktails to just be drank. I've had an amazing journey; I share that with my guest through their palettes.