Rob Masone


Years of Participation


Chef Rob Masone had long yearned to make a statement with his culinary prowess. Plans to operate a restaurant in his native Rock Hill, SC, however, exceeded that vision in unexpectedly profound ways. When he chose to open an establishment in a former five-and-dime, he learned it was the site of a notorious civil rights era sit-in during which a group of peaceful protesters were maligned, arrested and jailed. Rather than ignore the building’s past, Masone insisted on honoring the significance of what happened by incorporating it into the restaurant concept he fittingly named “Kounter.” Today, patrons can opt to dine while sitting at the well-preserved, original counter in seats that bear the names of those nine men who courageously stood their ground.
His high standards, conscientiousness and creativity in the kitchen have earned Masone a spot on the 2023 roster of South Carolina Chef Ambassadors. During their tenure, these talented representatives showcase local ingredients and South Carolina’s food heritage through cooking demonstrations, guest appearances and educational programs.
Chef Masone spent years honing his skills and building a reputation as one of the Carolinas’ most vibrant chefs. His company, Kre8 Xperiences, manages a wide range of divisions including Kounter, the Twisted Eats food truck division, full service catering & event planning, and operations of his own event venue, The Gathering Space. When dining with Chef Rob, you can always expect the unexpected!