Rebecca Barron

Years of Participation

A transplant from Milwaukee WI, Chef Barron has always loved the kitchen. The sounds, people, food and way of life enchanted her from an early age. Being the eldest in a large family, she grew up cooking and stewing and chopping. In her early twenties, she traveled throughout the states and Europe, sampling and enjoying countless inspiring cuisines. Chef Barron began cooking professionally at The Walden club in 2002, and from there moved on to Hiroshi’s and Table 2. She spent 4 years at Table 2 under Executive Chef Eric Taslimi and learned an appreciation for farm to table cooking and the importance of fresh, amazing ingredients. In 2011, she sought out work under the prestigious Chef Daniel Lindley of St. John’s Restaurant. Cooking under him for 3 years, she honed her creativity and eventually took over as Executive Chef. Barron strives to refine and improve her craft each night. She believes that high quality and fresh seasonal ingredients are essential for creating dishes that are clean, simple, and delicious.