Ramone Dickerson

Years of Participation

Born to a teacher and a banker, Ramone always had a love for cooking. As a child he was the only one allowed to be in the kitchen with his Grandfather, as cooked his famous fried chicken. These times never left Ramone. He grew up watching his family cook goats in the backyard and pigeons over campfire. If they were lucky the occasional raccoon would scuttle by for a tasty treat. Growing up in the wilderness of Irmo, South Carolina was rewarding.

Ramone tried his hand at music and theater at Francis Marion University, but somehow always came back to cooking. Ramone would later link up with his longtime friend Corey Simmons to open the 2 Fat 2 Fly Stuffed Chicken Wing food truck. They won award after award, were featured internationally on The Cooking Channels "Eat Street" and would later go on to land their own reality show on The Oprah Winfrey Network titled : 2 Fat 2 Fly .

They have just recently opened their first brick and mortar here in Columbia, South Carolina by Williams-Brice Stadium, attached to the gas station, by Budweiser, across from the fairgrounds, 905-A Bluff Rd. His motto, " Creativity is like a chicken wing, when all the meat is gone from the bone, you look down and see 9 more...and when those are gone, there are still a lot of chickens left in the world". The future and creativity is endless for this young chef as he promises to keep food “fresh, fun and familiar.”