Patrick Owens

Years of Participation

Patrick Owens is the Executive Chef and Owner of Langdon’s, Opal and Wood & Grain in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Charleston native Patrick has deep roots in the local culinary scene. His passion for southern food dates back to his early years helping his parents and grandparents in the kitchen. He worked in catering with Charleston Bay Gourmet in his teenage years, then moved onto more serious kitchen posts at Circa 1886 and Magnolias. At 27, he opened his first restaurant, Langdon’s, with the goal of serving delicious, well-executed food in a refined, fine dining setting. 15 years later, Langdon’s continues to garner praise as the best restaurant east of the Cooper, earning AAA’s Four Diamond award every year since opening. Looking for a new challenge, Patrick sought an outlet for bringing a more causal, Mediterranean-inspired restaurant to his hometown—the result was Opal, which he opened in June 2011. Five years after opening Opal, Patrick was ready to take on yet another challenge. A longtime supporter of the local fishing industry, he decided to pair a raw bar with wood-fired pizza as the concept for his new restaurant. Wood & Grain opened its doors in June 2017. Patrick’s notable talents as a chef and warm, friendly disposition have been continuously lauded by both the media and his long-time loyal fans, who continue to rate his restaurants at the top of the local dining scene. He has raised the bar on cuisine in Mt. Pleasant and takes great pride in creating dining experiences that endure the test of time.
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