Patrick Aledo

Years of Participation

Patrick Aledo, Director General for Pierre Sparr, was born in central France. He has a degree in economics from Lyon in addition to his enology studies.

Patrick has more than 20 years experience in the food and beverage industry, working with quality focused, family-owned companies. The culture of food and wine is a personal passion that Patrick turned into a profession, first working in a small winery before moving to Alsace’s Cave de Beblenheim (Beblenheim Winery) in 2006 and later Maison Pierre Sparr in 2009.

At Pierre Sparr, Patrick has led the move to an upgraded winery with new equipment, pursuing additional sustainable vineyard management practices and certifications and maintaining strong relationships with long-term growers.

Both the long history of Pierre Sparr and the continuing pursuit of excellence in the vineyard and in the winery mirror Patrick’s character.