Niki Dube


Years of Participation


Directly on the heels of coming off of maternity leave, as Covid-19 started to rampage the US, owner Niki Dube lost her mother to suicide & then her job. Rather than crumble, she took it as a sign to take a chance on her life-long dream of helping others & owning a food-focused business.

Growing up, her mom, Marian (Mae), always made treats for the family with hidden health benefits: cookies with applesauce, brownies with beets, etc. This better-for-you treat focus was one of the inspirations behind Mabel Mae's Bakery.
The other inspiration was her daughter, Mabel. While breastfeeding her, Niki's search for healthier lactation treats came up short, so she made her own & they helped so much she couldn't keep it secret from other mums.

Mabel Mae's Bakery specializes in gluten free & vegan treats made without refined junk as well as lactation treats for new moms. Whether you have food sensitivities, are a new mum looking to boost breast milk production, or simply want treats that are better for you, we're here to satisfy your sweet tooth naturally.

We believe natural, minimally refined ingredients are what our bodies & minds need to be our best. We also believe that a healthy, well-lived life includes dessert, so we stripped out the bleached & refined ingredients, added some whimsy & voila: We created delightfully wholesome treats for everyone.