Nick Wilber

Years of Participation

2020, 2023

Nick Wilber has packed a remarkable cooking career into just a few short years. Originally from Colorado, he began his career under James Beard award-winning chef Bradford Thompson at The Phoenician in Arizona. While there, he was
introduced to the art of fine dining, and earned his Court of Master Sommeliers certification.

In 2006, Nick headed to Montana to work at Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge, where he cultivated relationships with local farmers, hunted and caught fresh fish and game, and prepared haute cuisine in a rustic, limited-technology setting.

Nick later spent nearly three years as Chef de Partie at NYC’s celebrated Daniel. During his time there, the restaurant earned 3 Michelin stars and received a 4-star review from the NY Times. At Daniel, Nick mastered the restaurant’s signature dishes, sauces and French technique, and became adept at working in a high volume, fine dining environment.
Nick began his career with the team behind Basic Projects over a decade ago, working first as executive chef at The Fat
Radish in NYC, then moving South to open the restaurant’s Savannah, GA location. In 2022, he journeyed to Charleston
to take on the role of executive chef at Post House in Mt. Pleasant, where he parlays his skills in global cooking
techniques, seasonality and sustainability, and appreciation for local relationships to create menus and experiences that
are authentic, healthful, and delicious.