Nathan Hood

Years of Participation

One of Nathan Hood’s first food memories is peeling fresh shrimp that had just been caught off the coast of his hometown of Isle of Palms, a small beach community just outside of Charleston. It’s a memory that he credits with inspiring his love and food and passion for cooking. Fast forward 30 years, and you’ll now find Nathan in the kitchen at Post House Inn + Restaurant just a few miles away, peeling that same variety of shrimp with as much gusto and appreciation.

Inspired by Charleston’s rich culinary history, Nathan first began working in restaurants during high school, beginning as a dish washer and working his way up to fry cook at a number of local restaurants including – ironically – The Old Village Post House Inn.

He credits legendary Lowcountry chefs Frank Lee (S.N.O.B) and Ben Berryhill (Red Drum) as early mentors, having worked alongside both chefs at their seafood-focused restaurants. In 2006, Nathan headed north to attend the acclaimed Culinary Institute of America, where we earned a degree in culinary arts. After graduation, Nathan crisscrossed the globe, working at notable restaurants in culinary capitols including Quince in San Francisco; Alan Wong’s in Honolulu; The Ritz-Carlton in Lake Tahoe; and DeVille’s in Dublin, Ireland. His resume is filled with invaluable experience gained learning under some of the world’s brightest chefs and working with the best ingredients and purveyors.

Though still a lover of travel and adventure, Nathan felt the pangs of homesickness in 2020 and set his sights on moving back to Charleston. With two young sons, he knew he wanted them to experience the same magic he did as a kid, splashing through the marsh and eating just-caught seafood.

In a full-circle moment, Nathan joined the kitchen team at the newly renovated Post House in fall 2020 and moved into the executive chef role in February 2021. Nathan’s menu is focused on classic, coastal dishes and his philosophy is rooted in using the best local products and honoring those ingredients.

When he’s not in the kitchen, you can find Nathan playing in the pluff mud with his family or exploring the local farmers market for inspiration for his next dish.