Nate Cotanch

Years of Participation

Zia Green Chile Company is the only producer that roasts and supplies Hatch Green Chiles from New Mexico year round throughout Manhattan. Zia Green Chile Company started two years ago in Smorgasburg. Founder Nate Cotanch, who hails from the Southwest with deep family roots in New Mexico dating back to the 1500s, acting upon a longing for the distinct flavors of home began roasting and selling authentic Hatch Chiles. They were an instant hit, making the Zia booth a Brooklyn destination and garnering a loyal base of Southwestern natives. Harvested once a year, the beloved pepper can only been found in New Mexico’s Hatch Valley where the high altitude and arid climate coaxes out a heavily nuanced vegetable prized for its full flesh and hot, smoky flavor. Hand-picked from a network of multi-generational farmers, Zia's peppers are roasted, peeled and diced locally, making this product “Certified New Mexico True!” Preserved with lime juice, garlic and salt, all products are Vegan/Vegetarian, Gluten free, non GMO and without artificial ingredients. Recognized in The New York Times and Saveur publications, among many others, Zia Green Chile Company has grown into the one of the leading brands for the State of New Mexico and the Hatch Valley. Available in three varieties – sweet & mild, medium and hot – the products can be found in key specialty retailers and in kitchens of some of the nation's leading chefs.