Mike Rojas

Years of Participation

I've been in the truffle world for over 15 years, first getting involved with a friend of mine and selling them out of my apartment in Queens, NY.
After a few years of doing that I teamed up with Mikuni Wild Harvest and ran their operation in NYC where we continued distributing truffles and all sorts of gourmet items to restaurants in the east coast, this is where I met Edward Crouse as we both worked together. At this time, Urbani Truffles was my truffle provider.
Urbani Truffles at the time was a direct to distributor only provider, once I left Mikuni, they approached me to become their Food Service Director for the U.S. as now was the time to go directly to Restaurants.
I currently work with Chefs such as Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Daniel Humm, Michael White and countless others directly. I have done Truffle segments on networks like Vice and The Travel Channel.